Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Removal of the Twitter Litter

I might have gone a little overboard....

Ok, I guess I should tell you what I did first, hey?  Well, I started using Twitter more.  I was tweeting funny stuff (I swear, I am a funny gal), I was sharing good links, I was responding to people's tweets - when I could find something that was more than just a self-promotional link - and nothing was happening!

(Picture source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/1205807f)

Part of the thing that was making me crazy was that I had to scroll and scroll and scroll to find something that wasn't a link to an internet marketer's blog or to something that was self-promotional.  I didn't know who half of those damn people were.  And although some of them I did know - I just had know connection with them.  A lot of the people I was following were only automatically tweeting links to things they wrote or stuff that they'd set up to tweet every 10 minutes.  If I @ messaged a comment to them, I didn't hear back.  No thanks, no response - nothing.

And doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of Twitter?  It's a social network.  You're supposed to be social - have conversations even.

The more I thought about it the more I didn't know why I was following most of the people I was following...

...so I deleted them.

It was a brutal mass culling.

And I'm left with 65 people that I know or that I'm interested in seeing what they have to share.

So, that's great right?  A lot less twitter litter (oh, that's awesome - twitter litter - that's going in my title!).  I could actually see what people were tweeting.

I think I might have gone just a tad overboard though...

...now I don't have enough people to follow! LOL!

So, I'm likely going to start following some new people.  I want to follow Twitter people that are REAL - people that comment back and tweet about more than just their own links.  Tweet something that is actually interesting!  I want to follow fun Winnipegers (because I'm moving there in 9 months - did I mention that? LOL) and people like me that make money online but actually know how to use Twitter.

So, if you think you're one of those people, FOLLOW ME, and then send me an @ message to say hi and let me know why I should connect with you and I like will. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amazon KU High!

Just a quick post because I'm so darned happy right now.

Every time that I go and look at my Amazon Kindle sales there's more.  The three stories I released earlier in the month are doing so well!  They are in a kind of sub-genre that there seems to be a demand for good stories in.

I'll be completely transparent - I'm not "killing it" with writing ebooks - yet.  But I can see what I'm doing right.  I'm using good keywords.  I'm writing in a niche that is not totally saturated but there's still a demand for.  I'm branding my covers (same style, same author font, same look - you can tell by looking at the cover that they are the same author).

And I'm going to keep at this.

If all goes well? I could potentially make more than $600 this month.  Or, alternatively, borrows could be worth nothing almost and I hardly make more than last month.  Or, people could just move on to another genre/another author and sales drop like the weather in Manitoba at this time of the year. :)

Either way, I'll let you know what's working and what's not.

Here's a chart to show you what's going on - like I said, I'm not rich but I sure like those big blue spikes!