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Thursday, April 2, 2015

30/30 Challenge Update: Day 2

So, I actually wrote and submitted the first story on March 31st because I wanted it to go live on April 1st.  Of course, that didn't go as planned. April 1st was one of those days that it just took forever for the story to go live and it ended up taking over 24 hours.  Oh well.  It got published.

April 1st I wrote and published the second story.

April 2nd (today) I published a new story in a new series under a pen name.

Here are the two stories published under Dani Gibbings:


Progress so far:

Short Stories

Red Dress Series Part 1: 3365 words
Red Dress Series Part 2: 3296 words
The Other Series Part 1: 5943 words

Blog Post

Today's post: 448

Total words written/published: 13052

What Else Was Going On:

Yesterday I had to work at the cooking job.  It was a quiet day so as I cleaned stuff and stocked stuff and did prep work I thought about what was coming next on my stories.  That's one thing that is handy about my job.  My co-workers are not the most talkative bunch in the world so when it isn't busy with orders, I can think about my writing and the characters and stuff like that.

I did my pendings for Writedge and Daily Two Cents.  Did some support stuff with writers. Nothing to terribly exciting.

Before I could set up the story for The Other Series on Amazon, I had to set up a mailing list and a web site.  I'm just using blogger for this new pen name site and I use MailChimp for the mailing list. I have to say, your mailing list is perhaps one of the most important things.  Skip the web site and social media if you want to but you have to have a mailing list. Without a mailing list you have nothing that you're really in control of.  Your mailing list is where you can contact your readers easiest and let them know when there's a new release.  You can also ask questions, send them a survey, send them a freebie, and other stuff, if you so choose.  But most importantly, you can let people who are already interested in your work know when there's more.

Once that was all done I went out quickly to check the mail and pick up food because I'm being lazy today and Dairy Queen sounded really good.

I'm super exhausted today for some reason so I don't know how much more work I'll get done, if any.  I might just go back to bed! LOL - the joys of working from home.  I can't wait until ALL of my work is from home again!

(By the way - if you'd like to show your support in this challenge you could buy me a cup of coffee - or a beer - heck, maybe a bottle of wine? The donate button is near the upper right of the blog in the sidebar. :) )

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